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I whistle while I work. It's not that I have any resemblance to the seven dwarfs–other than premature balding and corrected vision–I simply think they have a sophisticated quality: work hard and keep a good attitude. It's a decision I make and carry into every aspect of my day. Constantly humbled by my profession, I want to produce pieces that allow an audience to empathize or laugh with the face behind the headline. To communicate what that story looks like, sounds like, and feels like. By sharing their moments and learning from my subjects–it’s this unpublishable experience that fulfills me.


Altadena (Pasadena | Los Angeles) Samples of Wedding Photography in Southern California

Wedding photojournalist in LA

Hailey and I really enjoyed being the wedding photographers for Stephanie and Tom’s wedding…a very laid back and sweet couple. Their ceremony was at the beautiful Altadena Town & Country Club, not too far from Pasadena in Southern California. They flew in from Washington, DC to come back to Los Angeles for their wedding and found us online. Happily marrietd, they now have a little baby and we know they’ll be great together.

The samples from their day hopefully shows how we have a strong photojournalism element to our wedding photography. Some people call it documentary photography or candid wedding photography, how we describe it is that we are telling the story of the day, like a photojournalist would approach your wedding if it was being covered for your favorite magazine or newspaper. Stephanie and Tom were nice enough to relax and let us capture the attractive, natural look of photojournalism, even while breaking it down on the dance floor! Of course we took traditional portraits as well to provide a variety of photos.

If you flying into LA for your and need to book a wedding photographer with a photojournalist background, we’d be happy to arrange a skype or video chat to meet before the big day. We …I should say Hailey, planned our wedding back in North Carolina while she was living in Los Angeles and I was in Northern California and we understand that it takes a little extra assistance to plan a destination wedding or at least one closer to the family you grew up with. Fortunately for those looking for last minute wedding photographers or affordable options, we still have some openings every month this year except July so send please us an email to find out.  Thanks for taking a look!

God’s Best,

Nathan & Hailey

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