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I whistle while I work. It's not that I have any resemblance to the seven dwarfs–other than premature balding and corrected vision–I simply think they have a sophisticated quality: work hard and keep a good attitude. It's a decision I make and carry into every aspect of my day. Constantly humbled by my profession, I want to produce pieces that allow an audience to empathize or laugh with the face behind the headline. To communicate what that story looks like, sounds like, and feels like. By sharing their moments and learning from my subjects–it’s this unpublishable experience that fulfills me.


Headshots | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer Nathan Morgan| Headshot photographer in LA

Many photographers don’t understand the difference between portrait photography and headshot photography–I understand the difference and know how to provide actors with a specific shot for a specific look or role they are pursuing by discussing with them role they want to be casted for and then directing them during the shoot.

In LA it’s sink or swim, my clients are getting great feedback from their agents as I continue to perfect the art of headshot photography.  I really enjoy the artistic challenge of making pictures that fit the mold and still rise above others. Of course I love interacting with clients, to help direct them into their role and through out the session getting to know each other better.

“Smile with your eyes,” that’s been my motto to help direct actors move from posing for generic photos to owning their role we are targeting with their headshots.

Email me today with 3 different 3-hour sections when you are available and we will set an appointment. Appointments are set in the early morning and a few hours before sunset to capitalize on the best light for headhots, natural! We use strobes when necessary for catch light and reflectors to fill in shadows around the eyes. Our prices for actors are different than business portraits and vary with specials depending on the season, so tell your friends! Let us know if you need a make up artist or if you will have one with you. Upon on confirmation of date for your appointment with Nathan Morgan Photography,  we will send you additional information and advise to make sure your session starts with success in mind, like bringing old photos that you liked or didn’t like from previous sessions/photographers.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to helping convey your best looks!

~Nathan Morgan


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