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I whistle while I work. It's not that I have any resemblance to the seven dwarfs–other than premature balding and corrected vision–I simply think they have a sophisticated quality: work hard and keep a good attitude. It's a decision I make and carry into every aspect of my day. Constantly humbled by my profession, I want to produce pieces that allow an audience to empathize or laugh with the face behind the headline. To communicate what that story looks like, sounds like, and feels like. By sharing their moments and learning from my subjects–it’s this unpublishable experience that fulfills me.


Support Our 2011 Mission Trip

It has been on my heart for quite some time to use the talents I have been entrusted with in a way that would actively spread the Good News. More and more I have wanted to work for non-profits, humanitarian aid organizations, faith-based services and Kingdom related photography. This summer of 2011 will kick that aspect of our business and lives into gear. In July we will fly to Mozambique to document the lives that are being changed by God through Iris Ministries and the local community. We will shoot still photographs and film a few aspects of their work to help visually explain the heart of Iris.

As a couple, my wife and I have our hearts and finances committed to traveling to Mozambique, Pemba this summer. I have been in the process of finding other organizations that are in need of photography in the area as well.  It is a hard balancing act juggling passion with faithfulness and business, but I’m trying to move forward as best as I know how with His grace. God has abundantly blessed and prepared us both for this trip while actively drawing us closer to Him.

Iris is a rare organization, which despite its incredibly fruitful and successful operation, declines to actively solicit funds, following in the footsteps of George Mueller, trusting God to work through people for their every need. Inspired to follow in their footprints, we will post on Facebook how much we need to purchase our tickets but will not actively pursue donors.

We are very grateful for all forms of support especially prayer. We realize the tremendous responsibility and privilege in stewarding the resources that have been entrusted to us and hope and pray that it would increase the prosperity of Iris and bring salvation, hope and love to the community they serve, inspiring others around the world to sow into this great ministry.
Thank you for your interest, friendship, love, and support!

God’s Best,

Nathan & Hailey



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