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I whistle while I work. It's not that I have any resemblance to the seven dwarfs–other than premature balding and corrected vision–I simply think they have a sophisticated quality: work hard and keep a good attitude. It's a decision I make and carry into every aspect of my day. Constantly humbled by my profession, I want to produce pieces that allow an audience to empathize or laugh with the face behind the headline. To communicate what that story looks like, sounds like, and feels like. By sharing their moments and learning from my subjects–it’s this unpublishable experience that fulfills me.


Pre-trip update (Africa 2011)

Hi Folks,

Hailey and I have booked our flight to Mozambique leaving July 17th! We are super excited. We not sure exactly when we’ll return as we still in need of more funds to purchase those tickets. We’re still excited 😉

Faithful He’ll bring us home, we hope to be back around August 8th. As of now $4,060 has been donated! And I was blessed with 2 great jobs that have really helped offset costs. Unintended expenses have come up for the trip, Hailey’s summer classes, and minimal living expenses while we’ve been staying with others, thus consuming a majority of our personal contributions. In addition we’ve had some serious car issues that we are trying to push off until we return.  But we have pretty much left the place of worry as God provides clearly and abundantly over and over. All in all, we are incredibly thankful for everything and SUPER relieved to have been able to finance the first leg of the journey! The support has been incredibly faith-building and encouraging, convicting us to trust him more and more.

Currently we are still in need of about $1,940 to purchase the final leg home, not including side expenses we hope to be able to continue to afford from personal income. Due to the job that I booked, we had to wait to buy the tickets for  a while. I’m praying that we’d have enough to buy them by the 20th of this month at the latest to get the best price.

Following in the footsteps of George Mueller, we are intentionally trying to refrain from actively soliciting in traditional form. We are however making our needs known within our community via social media and by word of mouth to those who ask.

Some of you have already supported us in one form or another and we are so very thankful. If you feel led to sow into our trip and the works of Iris Ministries you may do so by visiting donating below and finding more information about our trip at the original post http://www.nathanmorgan.com/?p=892

Thank you for your love and support.

God’s Best!
Nathan & Hailey


May God Bless you with JOY and his saving LOVE!

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